This is a work in progress and will always be changing. If you have any information you would want added to this guide, let me know and I will find a spot for it.
How to improve in Total War: Warhammer ? 
Let start with a broad guide covereing the basics, once we have covered all of these topics we might go into each one of them in depth.
1. Mechanics
      Mechanics can be summed up as your ability to control your units with speed and precision to maximize their effectiveness.  How can we do this?
      i. By quickly and accurately assigning move/attack orders to our units and having the speed to do so in the shortest amount of time. 
            In other words, by playing faster.
      ii. Use control groups. Ensure that your army is split into control groups so that you can hit button 1,2,3, etc. 
           to select our units rather than having to click on each unit card at the bottom and assigning orders.
           How to assign effective control groups is a completely different matter that we can look at in a later guide.
      iii. Learn how and when to assign way points and the benefits/down sides of those orders. By holding shift and then clicking 
            in multiple locations we can order our troops to follow a set of instructions quickly, rather than having them move and wait for new orders.
            Or by holding shift and then clicking and dragging the mouse we can assign a path that our units should follow.
      iv. Keep it simple, but clean and quick. Don’t get hung up by assigning mass orders to all your units across the battle field when a simple order would have done the same job,
            the battlefield is ever changing and units keep moving, so assigning mass orders with waypoint and fanciness is a waste of time because by the time they get their things would have changed.
      v. Learn all the shortcut keys. Yes, I really do mean learn all of them, learn the shortcuts for all your abilities and all your spells. The idea here is a very simple one.
            Your mouse will always be busy on the screen and always in some random location. It is much faster to select a unit and hit the shortcut key for his ability than clicking on the
            unit and then moving mouse across the screen and then clicking on them. The more time you save with every possible order you give,
            the more time you have to effectively manage the rest of your army.
2. Strategy.
      Strategy can be summed up as a few things, yet I find this definition most accurate here: The art of planning and directing overall military operations and movements in a war or battle.
      Strategy is the overall plan that you need to follow in order to achieve victory.
            i. This is the build of your army and the plan you need to follow to win.
            ii. This is also the planning of your movements during the game in order to maximize their potential and execute your game plan.
      There really are no shortcuts on this one.
      The more you know the more power you have. There was a quote that popped up on the loading screen of Mortal Kombat 3 that read “There is no knowledge that is not power”.
      This wrings especially true in games such as this one.
      So, as players we need extensive knowledge of the game and this can be slit up into a few categories.
      i. General Knowledge: 
            1. This is your broader understanding of the game and where everyone starts. It means understanding how the multiplayer works and what the goal of the game are. 
            2. In this case it is basically the following things.
            3. There are three game modes for multiplayer that you can play.
                  a. Custom Games – These are basic skirmish matches where a newly designed army can be tested on different maps against a PC controlled opponent at various difficulties. This is
                                                        also a good starting point for all new players to first build they understanding of the game and start practicing their mechanics.
                  b. Multiplayer Battles – These are customizable battles that can be fought against real people online or against a PC controlled opponent. This is typically a good second step                                                                                           for new players as they will learn to face off against real people and broaden their knowledge on the game.
                  c. Quick Battle – This is the ranked battle area where all your wins and losses are recorded and you are assigned a rating which determines you ranking in the Total War                                                                                            Warhammer community of competitive players.
             4. Another crucial point of general knowledge is to know that you need to build an army within a certain point cost (gold cost) and that your army cannot exceed the limit. This can be 
                  done under the custom battle screen and then saved so that it can be loaded at a later stage so that you do not need to build your army from scratch for every game.
            5. Your army should contain at the very least 1 Lord.
            6. You then use this army and take control of all the various units in said army and try to outplay and kill your opponent’s army.
            7. There are different unit types in the game and each one of them have their own role that they play within an army. From infantry to cavalry. From artillery to giants. 
      ii. Army Specific Knowledge:
            1. Now this cannot be stressed enough, you will need to know your army. You need to know what every unit does and what they excel at.
                  You cannot build a good army if you do not know what every unit is capable of or where they should be applied.
            2. You also need to know the other armies because if you don’t, you will never know which units of yours to assign to which combat or see threats when they approach. 
            3. Learn what all the abilities on each unit does and what they mean so that if you spot these abilities on the field of battle you will know which of your units can counter
                  that one and also not run units into bad fights.
      iii. Spells and Abilities:
            1. This game on the surface seems quite basic, but when we expand our understanding of all the abilities and spells availible in the game it becomes a different story.
            2. In this game, abilities and spells can quite literally make or break you army, so knowing what you can do and what to look out for, can make or break games for you.
            3. Learn the spells and ablilties and when to use or conserve them, watch videos on youtube where people cover these ablilities and learn from them.
4. YouTube and Game guides.
      i. Never stop learning and never stop wathcing and getting ideas from youtube or game guides.
       ii. The meta game shifts very fast in RTS games and we as gamers need to be aware of these shifts.
            The armies that we smashed face with last week might not work anymore this week as the general army compositions might have chaged and now we need to rethink and rebuild.
       iii. Play the game, experience is the best teacher, and even though he can be harsh, it is still the best.